Clevexel Pharma

Clevexel Pharma
Area Bio Tech
Creation date 2013
Development stage Research and development


Created in 2013 as a spinoff from Cephalon laboratories (TEVA group), CleveXel Pharma is a biotech company specializing in innovative treatments for diseases of the central nervous system.
The Company is developing a portfolio of four drug candidates with a special focus on Parkinson’s disease (PD). The most advanced of these, CVXL-0107, which is currently in phase IIa clinical trials, is aimed to  improve the quality of life of  patients with PD, particularly through beneficial effects on axial disorders such as gait or postural control. The other drug candidate, CVXL-0069, a highly specific dual adenosine A2Ar and A1R antagonist, focuses on the treatment of motor and non-motor symptoms of PD, and is expected to enter its clinical phase in 2019. Beside this franchise, we also develop non CNS projects, based on innovative approaches to unmet medical needs. Our dual SYK/JAK inhibitor program targets immune-mediated inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis. We have for this project an agreement with an international veterinary company for the canine form and we are looking for partners for the human diseases. Finally, we also have a strong collaboration with Gustave Roussy institute to develop a topical gal gel to prevent oral mucositis induced by anti-cancer therapies.

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