Area Bio Tech
Creation date November 28, 2008
Development stage Commercialization


GenoSplice, founded in 2008, is a bioinformatics service provider, with its unique expertise in bioinformatics, is a leader in the analysis of expression data.

It develops and markets high value-added services internationally in the analysis of genomic data gathered through high-speed sequencing and/or DNA microarrays. The company uses proprietary tools to provide its innovative services and maintains long-term collaborative relationships.

GenoSplice’s services primarily concern data analysis: gene expression, alternative splicing, microRNA, fusion transcripts, epigenetics, SNP, CNV, translocation, and proteomics.

GenoSplice was the winner in 2008 and 2011 of the” Concours National de Création d’Entreprise Innovante” (french innovative competition), and is a member of MEDICEN and Genopole.

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