Area Digital Health
Creation date 2016
Development stage


Doctopsy aims to digitize mental health care by offering patients and physicians innovative solutions. Created in 2016 by Dr. Fanny JACQ, a psychiatrist, and Benjamin MAQUET, an experienced entrepreneur with a degree from ESSEC, the company aims to improve access to care and continuous monitoring of patients.

Knowing that one in five French people will be affected by a mental illness in their lifetime and that these illnesses represent the largest item of health insurance expenditure, mental health is a major public health issue.
However, it appears that for patients, access to care is complex because of the lack of medical resources, the inadequate geographical distribution of specialists and the stigma on mental illness. In addition, prevention is insufficient, diagnoses are often late and imprecise, and medical follow-up is fragmented and insufficiently adequate.

To meet these challenges, Doctopsy is developing a complete solution that integrates a telemedicine platform and a therapeutic application. This solution, co-built with scientists, patients and doctors, facilitates the doctor's activity and makes the patient an actor in his treatment.

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